Nylon String Acoustic Guitar Tramontane 70A by Lâg | TN70A Auditorium Nylon

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Pure and Authentic Nylon String Acoustic Auditorium Guitar by Lâg

A Nylon string guitar is the place where it all starts for most guitarists as nylon-strung acoustics have been the first guitar played for the majority of musicians around the world. This beautifully crafted Lâg TN70A Classical Guitar takes that classic tradition, and brings it to life. The TN70A brings the spirit of a nylon string guitar in a typically steel string shaped body. This creates a comfortable instrument to play, with a balanced sound which allows you to approach almost all music styles.

The TN70A by Lâg is a carefully built with a solid spruce top. A solid top is important as the top (which is also known as the sound board) is responsible for a lot of the tone of the guitar. The master luthiers at Lâg have finished the sides and back of the guitar in sapele wood which is similar in characteristics to mahogany. This full bodied Auditorium shaped guitar cuts no corners and produces an unmatched sonic quality for a guitar of its price.

About the Auditorium Guitar Shape

All manufacturers have their own ways of describing guitar sizes and there is no official standard which means that sometimes the lines are blurred. The Auditorium size is roughly the same as the 000 size. The "0", "00" and "000" naming convention was created by Martin Guitars which is why other manufacturers try to come up with a different way to say the same thing. Auditorium/000 guitars have a similar shape to Grand Concert guitars but are bigger in size. These guitars generally are have a thinner body and more defined waist than the dreadnought shape.

What does Tramontane stand for?

The Lâg Tramontane range takes its name from the French word for the north wind. Inspired by nature and combining some of the finest woods available, the luthiers at Lâg have crafted a wide range of Tramontane series guitars in both steel and nylon string variants.


- Top : Solid Engelmann Spruce

- Strings : Nylon

- Fingerboard : Brownwood

- Bridge : Brownwood

- Finishing : Open pore

- Format : Auditorium

- Tuning pegs : Classical

- Category : Steel String Shaped Body Nylon

- Hardware : Satin black

- Neck : Okoume

- Back&Sides : Sapelli

- Left handed : No

- Cutaway : No

- Radius : 350 mm

- Scale (mm) : 650 mm

- Nut Width : 46 mm

- Nbr of strings : 6

- Nbrs of frets : 20

About Lâg

Lâg Guitars is a French music company renowned for pushing boundaries when it comes to design, build quality and innovation. While many guitar manufacturers copy the same old designs, Lâg make bold decisions and stands out for the crowd. The team of luthiers at Lâg hunt the world for the best sounding woods and they craft them beautifully into outstanding guitars which are built to last a lifetime. From entry level guitars right up to the flagship HyVibe Smart Guitar range, Lâg never compromises on design or quality.

Suggested Accessories

  • Case / Gig Bag - to keep safe and movable your guitar. You can choose from different cases for this product, we would recommend getting a gigbag that will have straps to be comfortable to go everywhere with your classical guitar and perform, also seek for pockets where you can store your picks and cables, maybe get a second pair of straps. 
  • Tuner - make sure you always hit the right note. Grab a portable tuner so that you can check that your guitar is in tuner wherever you go. 
  • Spare strings - Strings break. As you start performing with new strings you will notice the difference on having a brand new pack of strings and as you can never be sure if you gonna break a string, you better have extra stings for replacements.  
  • Cleaning tools - For keep everything in order and take proper care of your guitar you can check our cleaning products. 
  • Extra Picks - You always need one more plectrum!