MXR M101 Phase 90 | Iconic Phaser Pedal

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MXR M101
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MXR Phase 90 - The Iconic Orange Phaser Pedal

This little pedal has defined the sound of some of the greatest guitarists of all time. The MXR M-101 Phase 90 Pedal gives you classic phasing with variable speed control. As with most MXR pedals, the Phase 90 is built to be simple, rugged and sound awesome. 

The team at MXR say: "The Phase 90 takes you from subtle, spatial shimmer to all-out high velocity swooshing with the twist of a knob." If you have ever listened to Van Halen, you know exactly what the Phase 90 can do already as the first 2 Van Halen albums featured the MXR Phase 90 heavily.

In a world of constantly evolving products, this pedal has stood the test of time and is still made how it was when it was originally released in the 70's. If its perfect the first time, don't change it!

This pedal is not just for guitarists as it is also great on bass, keyboard and can even spice up your vocals.

Vary the modulation speed from a subtle, long cycle to a fast wobble and endless vintage vibrations in between. The MXR M-101 is powered by single 9V battery or Dunlop ECB-003 AC Adapter.

MXR M-101 Phase 90 Specifications

  • Controls: Speed
  • Input Impedance: 1 MΩ
  • Output Impedance: 10 kΩ
  • Nominal Intput Level: -20 dBV
  • Nominal Output Level: -20 dBV
  • Noise Floor: -96 dBV
  • Bypass: True Hardwire
  • Current Draw: 5 mA
  • Power Supply: 9 volts DC

About MXR

MXR was founded in New York in 1972 and has become synonymous with great sounding guitar effects pedals. An early fan of MXR was Eddie Van Halen who used the MXR Phase 90 on the first two Van Halen albums. MXR have a simple approach to making guitar stomp boxes... Great circuitry, rugged construction and a no-nonsense approach to the controls. MXR make simple to use pedals which sound amazing which is why they have become a common feature in the setup of most guitar heroes since the 70's.

MXR M101 Phase 90 Manual (M101.pdf, 82 Kb) [Download]

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