Fast Fret by GHS | Guitar String Cleaner and Lubricant | Keep Strings Sounding Bright and New | Extends Sting Lifetime

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Fast Fret Guitar and Bass String Cleaner - Keep your strings fresh for longer

Fast Fret by GHS is the original string cleaner designed to remove dirt and grime from your strings and fingerboard and keep them lubricated for improved playability. Fast Fret is a silicone free treatment with a built in applicator. Simply rub the applicator over the strings and fingerboard before and after playing and wipe off any excess with the included cloth to extend the life of your strings and keep them sounding bright for longer.

Fast Fret is suitable all string instruments and is still made in the USA to the original formula which has been used by musicians around the world for decades. Keep your strings fresh and smooth with GHS Fast Fret.

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