Mackie Thump215 1400W 15-inch Powered Loudspeaker | 15” Active PA Speaker | SMK THUMP215

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Mackie Thump215 1400W 15-inch Powered Loudspeaker | 15” Active PA Speaker 

These Thump active loudspeakers are ready to handle the most demanding performances because they are the loudest, most powerful, and best sounding ones ever. Thump boasts stronger drivers, 1400W amplifiers, and strong tools to make your next gig simpler than ever. It was completely reinvented from the ground up.

Mackie Thump215 1400W 15-inch Powered Loudspeaker | 15” Active PA Speaker Features 

  • 1400W ultra-efficient Class-D amplifier
  • Built-Like-A-Tank™ to conquer every gig while lightweight for easy loading
  • Frequency response: 40 Hz – 23kHz
  • Max SPL: 129 dB
  • Flexible I/O
    • Ch.1 features an XLR/TRS input that accepts mic or line signals
    • Ch.2 features an XLR/TRS line input plus stereo 1/8” input
    • Thru output contains audio from both input channels
  • 15” high-performance woofer
  • 1” compression driver
  • Built-in Feedback Eliminator reduces squeals and out of control rumble
  • Music Ducking mode automatically reduces the level of Ch.2 when Ch.1 receives signal
  • Universal Power Supply (100-240VAC)
  • Standard pole mount
  • Monitor wedge provides optimal angle for use as a floor monitor
  • Weight: 34.8 lb / 15.8 kg
  • Dimensions: 27 x 17.4 x 14 in / 686 x 442 x 356 mm

Mackie Thupm215 1400W 15-inch Powered Loudspeaker | 15” Active PA Speaker Specifications 

Effective Optimization

The new Thump Series is jam-packed with features that make shows run more smoothly than ever, including feedback removal, song ducking, and other features. 

A stereo 1/8" aux input and dual TRS/XLR inputs make it possible to connect your equipment without the use of unusual cables or adapters.

Sound Ducking

Even though the music is playing loudly, there needs to be another statement. You could certainly alter your levels each time, but who has the time for that? When you speak into the channel 1 microphone, channel 2 will automatically turn down by pressing the Music Ducking button. 

Feedback Remover

Have you ever gotten a bit too close to the microphone and then heard a loud, ear-damaging squeal? That's referred to as feedback. It's terrible that physics won't change its view on the matter. But hold on! Press the Feedback Eliminator button to mock those absurd acoustic laws.

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