Arturia MinFuse 4 White | 4-in/4-out USB-C Audio Interface (USB 2.0 Compatible) | Included Software Suite - Mac/PC

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Arturia MiniFuse 4 | 4-in/4-out USB-C Audio Interface (USB 2.0 Compatible) |2 Mic/Line/Instrument Preamps | 2 Line Inputs | 5-pin MIDI DIN I/O | Included Software Suite - Mac/PC

The MiniFuse 4 is a small desktop USB audio interface from Arturia's highly regarded AudioFuse range of interfaces that is perfect for home studios and portable recording setups. The MiniFuse 4 has two excellent mic/line/instrument preamps, two line/instrument inputs, and supports sample rates up to 192kHz. It also has professional-grade quality and has a 5 year manufacturer warranty. This interface has four line outputs for driving two sets of studio monitors or sending audio to outboard equipment, as well as two front-panel headphone jacks with independent volume controls. Electronic musicians will be happy to have access to conventional 5-pin MIDI DIN I/O connections for incorporating vintage synths and drum machines. For less studio clutter, there is also a handy USB-A hub that supports all USB-A devices, including MIDI. There is a maximum 250 milliamps per port.

The virtual stereo loopback channel on the MiniFuse 4 will delight content producers because it enables you to listen to and record your computer's audio while also using the interface's inputs. Additionally, the MiniFuse 4 comes with a software package that includes some of Arturia's most well-known plug-ins to get you started creating right now!

Included software bundle

  • Ableton Live Lite: For your recording and mixing needs
  • Analog Lab Intro: Classic and modern synthesizer and keyboard sounds
  • 4 x Arturia FX: A world-class preamp, plate reverb, tape echo and chorus effects
  • Auto-Tune: 3-month subscription to the leading pitch tuning software
  • Guitar Rig 6 LE for guitar amplification emulations and guitar FX
  • Splice subscription: Get 3 months free with Splice – all the samples and loops you’ll need

Arturia MiniFuse 4 USB-C Audio Interface Features:

  • Portable, bus-powered 4-in/4-out USB-C audio interface
  • 2 mic/instrument/line combo preamps with phantom power
  • 2 line/instrument inputs
  • 2 headphone outputs with independent volume controls
  • 2 USB hub connections
  • Traditional 5-pin MIDI DIN I/O for synths, drum machines, and MIDI-enabled processors
  • Supplementary USB-A Hub reduces clutter, supporting any USB-A device up to 250mA per port
  • 1 stereo virtual loopback channel for capturing computer audio — great for content creators!
  • Supports 44.1/48/88.2/96/192kHz sample rate
  • Fully USB 2.0 compatible

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