Full Size 4/4 Classical Acoustic Guitar by Santos Y Mayor | GSM 7 | Beginners

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Full Size 4/4 Classical Acoustic Guitar by Santos Y Mayor Suitable for Beginners

Santos Y Mayor GSM7 is a classic acoustic guitar in full size 4/4, which is suitable for your great start in the world of music. The Nylon strings of the classic GSM7 acoustic guitar are easy to learn and play and are a good option for any beginner. Key feature of this guitar is its sweet, melodic tone that is released by the nylon strings.

The classical acoustic guitar's nut is wider than in steel-string guitars. You will see how easy it is to learn all different techniques when playing on this Santos Y Mayor GSM7 guitar. Her clear tone will point you in the right direction and you will play like a pro in no time!

Santos Y Mayor preserved traditions in the creation of their classical guitars and designed this GSM7 beauty with a mahogany back and sides. The neck is also made of mahogany with a touch of spruce.

The chrome-plated mechanical parts of the GSM7 acoustic guitar are the right last touch in the underlined classic look of this Santos Y Mayor guitar.


Santos Y Mayor GSM7 - Key Features

- Top: Spruce

- Back & Sides: Mahogany

- Neck: Mahogany neck with spruce touch

- Mechanical parts: Chromed

- Strings: Nylon

- Size: 4/4, Full size

- Category: Classical Acoustic Guitar 

- Nbr of strings: 6

About Classical Acoustic Guitars

Classical acoustic guitars usually have nylon strings, which are later replaced by the heavier modern steel strings option creating the new type of guitar. Nylon strings, however, carry that sweet and soft tone that is characteristic of acoustic guitars. And since the tension is not as hard as with steel metal strings, you can expect a clearer and more glassy tone from your acoustic guitar.

Knowing the long history of acoustic guitars and the fact that such instruments were found more than 4000 years ago, we want to clarify that the classical guitar is undergoing its own stages of evolution and development. From changes in shape and body, to modification and experiments with the material of the strings and their number.

Modern classical acoustic guitar has generally been used by thousands of musicians since the second half of the 17th century, since nylon strings were introduced in the world.

The fretboard is usually significantly wider and the strings are at a greater distance, which makes it easier to learn the correct position of your fingers and find the right note you want to play. That is why and thanks to their classic sweet tone, classic acoustic guitars are considered the most suitable for beginner guitarists.

The frets are lower on number for all classical guitars, unlike with the steel string guitars - 12 frets in classical acoustics between the head of the fingerboard and the body of the guitar. Another characteristic feature is the way they are played - by definition the acoustic guitar does not need an amplifier to play it, but to be suitable for your live performances, we recommend using a microphone on the stage that will amplify and highlight the sound of your classical acoustic guitar and overcame the noise of the crowd.


About Santos Y Mayor

Santos Y Mayor are a Spanish manufacturer of classical acoustic guitars in various sizes and cajons. Using their experience in the art of creating guitars, Santos Y Mayor can also offer you the recently famous cajons - Cajón is a Peruvian musical percussion instrument on which the musician sits like a chair and plays by hitting its surface. This large rectangular box has an opening on the side that looks like that of a guitar, and similarly, it exits a sound with each stroke of the palm.

Santos Y Mayor use classical design in their guitars, relying on the traditions of the industry, but without missing the news of the future and modernity. Allowing every future musician to make his dream come true, Santos Y Mayor create suitable guitars for beginners, both for right-handers and left-handers. Their classical guitars are also granted a wonderful sweet sound.

Manufacturers of affordable guitars without compromising on the production quality or quality materials and craftsmanship. Designed in a beautiful, classic form, the musical instruments of Santos Y Mayor are suitable for everyone!

Suggested Accessories

  • Case / Gig Bag - to keep safe and movable your guitar. You can choose from different cases for this product, we would recommend getting a gigbag that will have straps to be comfortable to go everywhere with your classical guitar and perform, also seek for pockets where you can store your picks and cables, maybe get a second pair of straps. 
  • Tuner - make sure you always hit the right note. Grab a portable tuner so that you can check that your guitar is in tuner wherever you go. 
  • Spare strings - Strings break. As you start performing with new strings you will notice the difference on having a brand new pack of strings and as you can never be sure if you gonna break a string, you better have extra stings for replacements.  
  • Cleaning tools - For keep everything in order and take proper care of your guitar you can check our cleaning products. 
  • Extra Picks - You always need one more plectrum!