Shoulder Rest Viva Flex by Augustin | For 1/4 and 1/8 Violins | Blue

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Shoulder Rest Viva Flex by Augustin | For 1/4  and 1/8 Violins | Blue

Thanks to the patented 360° swivelling foot mount the distance to the neck can be adjusted

In addition, it is possible to place the feet behind the lower bout to minimise a slipping of the rest

The shape of the shoulder rest is very similar to a child's neck shape. Thus, the rest can be placed very close to the neck.


Specifications of Shoulder Rest Viva Flex by Augustin

  • Infinitely variable height adjustment
  • Adjustable width
  • Foot mount made of tempered steel
  • Folding feet for easy storage
  • Very good resonating characteristics - the feet grip the instrument at only three critical points on each side
  • Comfort Design - diligently designed for beginners and young violinists
  • Important - please observe: the same angle has to be set for both sides
  • Recommended angle 30°


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