Ernie Ball Burly Slinky 2226 Guitar Strings | 11 - 52 | Nickel Wound

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Burly Slinky Ernie Ball 2226 Electric Guitar String Set 11-52

The Ernie Ball Power Nickel Strings deliver clear and dynamic sound and a full tone for all styles of electric guitar playing. Ernie Ball are iconic and have been used by some of the greatest artists in the world like Eric Clapton, Slash, and John Mayor. Every set of Ernie Ball guitar strings ships in "Element Shield" packaging to protect your strings against humidity and atmospheric conditions. This means, you get a perfect set of strings, every time. 

Ernie Ball Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings are made from nickel plated steel wire precisely wrapped around tin plated hex shaped steel core wire. The plain strings are made of specially tempered tin plated high carbon steel producing a well balanced tone for your guitar.  

Burly Slinky 2226 Product Specification

  • Gauges .011, .014, .018p, .030, .042, .052
  • Made in the USA
  • Nickel Wound Steel 
  • Slinky Series
  • Probably the best known strings in the world

About Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball is the undeniably the world's best known manufacturer of premium electric and acoustic guitar stringsbass strings, as well as accessories. Ernie Balls strings have been played on many of the worlds best-selling albums  and are used by some of history’s greatest musicians including Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Slash, The Rolling Stones, Angus Young, Eagles, Jeff Beck, Pete Townshend, Aerosmith, Metallica... Whether its the iconic pink or yellow Super Slinky Series, the Paradigm Slinkys or the Acoustic Earthwood Strings, Ernie Ball products are instantly recognisable and are at home on any guitar.