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Pop and Rap are one of the most listened to genres of music nowadays. 

Rap, a key element of hip-hop culture, is a genre of music that emphasises rhythmic speech and poetic expressions. Artists in the rap genre, deliver their lyrics in a spoken or chanted manner over a rhythmic beat. The rap music often explores personal experiences, social issues and storytelling, showcasing a diverse range of styles and influences. It has become a powerful form of artistic expression and cultural commentary.

Pop music, shop for "popular", is a broad genre characterised by its catchy melodies, accessible lyrics and widespread appeal. Typically featuring a polished production, pop songs often incorporate a variety of musical elements and draw from different genres. The focus us on creating commercially successful and radio-friendly tracks.

We have vinyl records from artists like Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift, Daft Punk, MF Doom and many more.