Guitar Service and Repair

Anitom Guitar & Bass Services / Prices

Below is a guide to some of the services Anitom offer to keep your guitar or bass in top condition.  There is also a brief explanation of which parts are included and the work which will be carried out. These prices will vary slightly, depending on the amount of work and parts required. For non-standard guitars we recommend coming in for a consultation.

We use Dunlop cleaners, polishes and oils in our service department.

You will receive a stamped service sheet for the work carried out with a 12 month guarantee on the work and parts (excluding strings) 

If you need help with another instrument, get in touch as we have partners who service pianos and orchestral instruments throughout Bulgaria.

Guitar/Bass Restringing - From 7BGN + Strings

We stock a wide range of strings from major brands such as Ernie Ball, Elixir, Fender, Augustine,Dunlop and Savarez. Whether you have an electric, acoustic or bass we have the strings you need.

Guitar/Bass Restringing & Cleaning - From 10BGN + Strings

Guitar restring plus cleaning and polishing with appropriate products by Dunlop. This includes fret board oiling where appropriate, body and parts cleaning and polishing.

Guitar/Bass Restringing & Cleaning & Fret Polishing - From 15BGN + Strings

Guitar restring plus cleaning and polishing with appropriate products by Dunlop. This includes fret board oiling where appropriate, body and parts cleaning and polishing.


Standard Electric Guitar/Bass Setup - From 45BGN + strings


  • Bridge saddle adjustment
  • Fine intonation setting
  • Setting of nut slot heights
  • Truss rod adjustment
  • Fret polishing
  • Neck cleaning and oiling 
  • Guitar cleaning and polishing 
  • String replacement
  • Pickup balancing
  • Setup for floating tremelo/Floyd Rose + 10BGN


Deluxe Guitar Setup & Fret Dress - From 75BGN + strings

There may be instances where your guitar needs more than a standard setup. If the frets are uneven or damaged this would make a standard setup impossible to complete. For this reason we offer a setup which includes the more advanced work needed to get your guitar playing the way it should.


  • Everything from the standard guitar and bass setup 
  • Fret re-levelling, including glueing down any loose frets, removing any sharp edges
  • Re-Crowning and polishing of the frets

You guitar then gets a full setup, which includes action adjustment, intonation, nut slot height, truss rod adjustment and string replacement.

 Snapped Headstock Repair - From 75BGN

You would be surprised how common it is for a headstock to get snapped. Repairing a headstock, done properly can be almost unnoticeable and most importantly, it will provide the strength you need to keep playing your guitar like normal. It’s also a lot cheaper than buying and installing a new neck! 


Nut Replacement - From 20BGN plus parts

We offer a wide variety of nut materials, including bone and plastic. Having the correct nut height is essential to ensure your guitar action is correct and the guitar plays well. We use Hosco precision nut files to ensure you get the perfectly shaped part for your guitar.  

Pickup installation - From 30BGN

If you are good with a solder iron, you might be able to do a pickup installation at home. If not, feel free to drop by and we can install the pickups you need for the tone you want.


Other Electrical Work

  • Pot replacement – 10BGN
  • Electromagnetic shielding (Copper or Aluminium) - from 15BGN
  • Complete rewiring - from 25BGN
  • Output jack replacement - from 10BGN
  • Barrel output jack - from 15BGN
  • Switch replacement - from 15BGN
  • Wiring modifications - from 30BGN

Hardware replacement & Upgrades

  • Machine head fitting - from 15BGN
  • Bridge fitting - from 20BGN
  • Tremolo fitting - from 25BGN (If no routing required)

 If you don't see the service you're looking for, please get in touch for a consultation.