Arturia AudioFuse Studio | High quality audio interface with extreme flexibility and exclusive included software

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Arturia AudioFuse Studio- High quality audio interface with extreme flexibility and exclusive included software

It’s time your music had an upgrade. The ultimate desktop audio interface, AudioFuse Studio combines unparalleled versatility with 4 world-class preamps, incredible connectivity, and a host of clever design features. Hear, record, and mix with clarity and quality you’ve never heard before. The included AudioFuse Creative Suite is an impressive bundle of software effects to complete your production.

The quality you deserve

AudioFuse Studio gives you 4 of our legendary Discrete Pro© preamps to track your music, and a superb analog signal path that will reveal every nuance of your audio. The super-low Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) lets you capture every subtle detail, while the huge 71dB input gain gives you enough gain to drive even the quietest ribbon mic. Everything is also capture with a practically perfect flat frequency response, too.

The ultimate creative hub

The quantity and quality of AudioFuse Studio’s connections have to be seen to be believed. 4 Discrete Pro inputs, 4 additional line inputs, 4 line outputs, 4 analog insert points, ADAT I/O, SPDIF I/O, Word Clock, USB-C and MIDI. Oh, and a 3-port USB hub, because you can never have too many USB slots! AudioFuse Studio keeps everything in one place, with refined workflow and one-button one-function controls, so you can stay creative and focus on what matters: your music.

Must-have features

This exciting interface sports a Bluetooth receiver with the highest possible codec, so you can pair it with your phone and stream music to your studio speakers, or track directly from the incoming stream. Easily check your mix on multiple monitor systems with instant speaker A/B switching. AudioFuse Studio also features 2 dedicated Reamping and DC coupled outputs, so you can record your guitar and bass directly into your DAW, and then tweak later with precisely matched guitar-level outputs. Or, output CV signals to control your modular synths directly from your DAW.

A perfect production bundle

AudioFuse Studio also includes AudioFuse Creative Suite, a superb collection of software effects that’s constantly growing with titles from our “You’ll Actually Use” series and Analog Lab Lite. Add Preamps, Compression, Filter, Delay, and Reverb, and more.  AudioFuse Studio not only gives you everything you need to record top-of-the-line audio, it also gives you legendary effects and synth sounds to enjoy.

Included software

Arturia AudioFuse Software Center

AudioFuse Creative Suite


  • 4 Discrete Pro Mic Preamps + 4 additional line inputs
  • 4 analog insert points
  • 4 line outputs
  • ADAT I/O
  • Wordclock
  • USB-C connectivity
  • MIDI IN and OUT
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • AudioFuse Creative Suite with preamps, filters, Analog Lab Lite, and more…

Technical parameters


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