Jazz Brushes 751 for Drums by Gewa

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Jazz Brushes 751 for Drums by Gewa

Elevate your jazz drumming with these specialized Gewa drum brushes. Crafted for the nuanced rhythms and subtle dynamics of jazz music, these brushes offer unique texture and tone. Their retractable wire provides smooth and articulate response on both drums and cymbals, allowing for delicate brushwork and intricate patterns. Whether you are laying down a gentle groove or adding flair to a solo, these brushes by Gewa are the perfect tool for capturing the essence of jazz. Unlock new levels of expression and sophistications on your playing with the jazz brushes 751 by Gewa.


  • Steel brush
  • Black rubber stick

About Gewa

Engineered in Germany, GEWA Creating instruments of the highest calibre has always been their goal. However, they also need to be within everyone's budget and reach. All of the concepts and designs for GEWA German Engineered products are created in Germany by our team of professionals. The development teams operate with expertise, experience, and a constant awareness of the needs of music composers.

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