USB Cable 1m | A male to B male | ECO N01-1 By Yellow Cable

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ECO N01-1
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USB Cable 1m | A male to B male | ECO N01-1 By Yellow Cable  

- Category : USB cable

- Colours : Black

- Connectors : USB A, USB B

- Length (m) : 1 m

A dependable, high-quality USB cable featuring male Type A and male Type B connectors on either end is the ECO N01-1 by Yellow Cable. This cable supports the USB 2.0 protocol standard, which enables 480 Mbps of high-speed data transfer. Any USB-B peripheral device can be connected to a host PC with the help of this cable.

A device with a USB Type A interface can be connected to a device with a USB 3.0 Type B interface using the SuperSpeed (SS) USB 3.0 Cable. It is perfect for using an SS USB Port on a PC to connect an audio interface, external hard drive, or other computer devices.

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