QUIK LOK | Large Rubber Clip For Wireless Microphone | TQA MP890

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QUIK LOK | Large Rubber Clip For Wireless Microphone | TQA MP890

The large rubber microphone clip by Quik Lok is designed to securely hold microphones in place during performances or recording sessions. Its black rubber nostruction provides durability and a non-slip grip, ensuring that the microphone stays in position without causing damage.

This TQA MP890 clip is compatible with most standart microphone stands. It’s a practical accessory for musicians, podcasters, broadcasters, and anyone in need of a reliable microphone holder.

About Quik Lok

Founded in 1983, QUIK LOK plays a significant role in the technological innovation in the accessories industry for musicians, taking care of all the design, construction and distribution stages with a single purpose: support you in your hobby or in your professional career.

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