Lâg Sauvage-A Auditorium Steel String Acoustic Guitar | Includes Case | GLA SAUVAGE-A

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Lâg Sauvage-A Auditorium Steel String Acoustic Guitar 

The Lâg Sauvage-A, an auditorium-shape member of the illustrious Sauvage series, continues to epitomize the unique fusion of innovation, artistry, and sustainability for which Lâg is renowned. This model, adorned with elegant BrankoWood and featuring an auditorium shape, captures the essence of a musical companion crafted for both comfort and excellence in performance.

The Lâg Sauvage-A auditorium steel string guitar is a distinct instrument that symbolizes both quality and environmental stewardship. Its design maintains the iconic elements of the historic Lâg Guitars, reflecting a perfect balance of tradition and innovation.

Eco-Friendly Craftsmanship:

Employing FSC Certified BrankoWood and an eco-friendly varnishing process, the Sauvage-A resonates with both visual and ethical beauty. The tropicalization process ensures a stable wood that is resistant to changes in humidity, temperature, and even UV radiation.

Auditorium Shape:

Designed with an auditorium shape, the Sauvage-A delivers an expressive and well-balanced tone. Its comfortable size and graceful curves make it ideal for both stage performance and personal enjoyment.

Aesthetic Excellence:

From the iconic Lâg headstock design mirrored on the bridge to the rough sawn look on the back and sides, the Sauvage-A's visual elegance is matched by its quality craftsmanship. The quarter round body bindings add to the comfort, while the black machine heads bring a touch of class.

Sound & Playability:

The Sauvage-A's sound is enhanced by the rounded back, which produces an unparalleled full-bodied tone. The graphite nut & saddle and light oil finish on the BrankoWood components contribute to its consistent high-quality manufacturing.

Sauvage Legacy:

The Lâg Sauvage-A continues the legacy of innovation, quality, and environmental consciousness, arriving with a rugged, road-ready case. It's more than just a guitar; it's a statement of style, environmental responsibility, and musical performance.

Lâg Sauvage-A Auditorium Steel String Acoustic Guitar Specifications:

  • Back&Sides : Smoked Eucalyptus Rough Sawn Finish
  • Bracing : X
  • Bridge : Black Brankowood
  • Category : Steel String Shaped Body 
  • Colours : Natural wood
  • Cover/case : Padded case
  • Cutaway : No
  • Fingerboard : Black Brankowood
  • Finishing : Satin open pore
  • Format : Auditorium
  • Nbr of strings : 6
  • Nbrs of frets : 20
  • Neck : Khaya
  • Nut : Black graphite wedge / 72 mm & 43 mm
  • Nut Width : 43 mm
  • Original Strings : Bronze 80/20 Light 12-53
  • Radius : 350 mm
  • Scale (mm) : 650 mm
  • Strings : Steel
  • Top : Pale Brankowood
  • Truss Rod : Double-action
  • Tuning pegs : Die Cast
  • Types of frets : Medium Silver Nickel

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